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Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. (OPP) Company Representatives:


President, CEO: (Extension #: 101)
(2012 - current) Mr. Daniel Angel Olivo

Vice President: (Extension #: 102)
(2012 - current) Mr. Severino Payano

General Manager: (Extension #: 103)
(2012-  current) Mr. Ramon Olivo

Head of Construction Technology Department: (Extension #: 104)
(2012 - current) Mr. Hilmy Tejada

Supervisor: (Extension #: 105)
(2012 - current) Mr. Joel Alexander Olivo
Manager of Human Resource: (Extension #: 106)
(2019 - current) Mrs. Kayla Leonardo
Head of Security Department: (Extension #: 107)
(2020 - current) Mr. Jordan Scandrett
Engineering Supervisor: (Extension #: 108)
(2017 - current) Mrs. Kimberly Yampolski

More company owners are:
Chantal Rosario (Olivo)
Leidy Olivo
Maritza Olivo
Erickson Tejada 
Hilmy Tejada
Joel Diaz Olivo
Leonel Peralta 
Leytong Peralta 
Veronica Olivo
Yisel Santos
Juan Carlos 
Melissa Tejada 
Denisse Olivo
Chloe Rodriguez
Dariel Olivo
Ivy Portillo
Isabel Olivo Molina
Marino Olivo
Andres Olivo 
Camilo Olivo
Guillermo Olivo
Rafelina Santos Olivo
Maria Elvira Olivo
Amauys Tolemtino
(This is subject to change at anytime, must check with Daniel Olivo for the most updated information.)

To contact and or reach any of Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. other representatives such as construction workers please contact extension # 101. Every one part of Olivos Property Perfection has an email that is in case you would like to reach any one of them directly. But we encourage you to call us for faster responses. Thank you.
We also offer notary services.
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