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        We are a New York/Pennsylvania professional construction company which is fully licensed and insured. Since 1989. We travel anywhere in the state of New York. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. specializes in all types of remodeling, renovations and new construction projects. Our construction workers has been in the construction field for over 20 years. We understand the needs for well construction. Allow us to make your property better with the way we follow New York and New Jersey state laws, building codes, and your terms. We service primarily the five boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We service all of PA, especially Harrisburg. 

  • General Home Improvement Contractors - New York/PA State.
  • Licensed and insured. 
  • Customer service satisfaction guaranteed. 

              We offer a customer service satisfaction guarantee policy and if you aren't satisfied 100% you could get a full 100% money back refund because we are confident that we will do the job right. We are fully licensed. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. is listed in the New York Government database for Home Improvement contractors. Our rates are affordable to continue to make our clients happy and keep them happy for many more years to come.

  History of Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.:

       Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. (OPP) mission is to be one of the top leaders in the construction industry to serve residential and commercial properties. We are fully licensed and insured. We are general home improvement contractors. Able to perform all types of jobs such as remodeling, renovations and demolish work. The company have licensed plumbers, electricians, security guards, real estate agents, even have professional chauffeurs and more. Currently specializes in painting.

       Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. (OPP) is company that was created to continue serving customers and clients. The construction workers part of Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has been doing construction since about 1989. Since 1989, the business has been receiving permits issued by the officials, creating surveys, building plans and following laws of the country. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. is trying to follow the love for construction footsteps of the founder of a different construction company, OV Home Improvement, Inc., Vidal Olivo. Vidal Olivo is an American from Dominican Republic (Dominican American) and has been in the United States for more than 20 years doing construction. Vidal Olivo accomplished construction contracted jobs throughout the East coast of America and more. Him and his partners made houses from scratch legally in Florida, P.A., N.J., N.Y., and more. He gained the trust of numerous customers. He had a passion for construction and wanted all his customers to be happy. His construction business started to please hundreds of people simultaneously following the laws. After his death, Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. was developed to help keep Vidal Olivos spirit around also to help millions of people. May Vidal Olivo rest in peace. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has been constructing properties professionally in New York because of proper education and experience. New York is one of the most expensive states in America. OPP started to expand, opening a office in Harrisburg, PA, still operating in state of NY as well to continue serving the myriad loyal clients that shows tremendous support. OPP works well with others. However, Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has had the lowest prices for a while. We are satisfying customers for a number of years and hope to continue for many more years. 

       In conclusion, we've done construction work mostly though out the East coast of the United States of America because we have a passion for construction. Our employees, especially most of the full-time workers, do construction as a hobby. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. cares much about communities and the Earth in general. This company tries its best to help the country first as much as possible. Most of the profit earned goes into education. After paying taxes, we try to give back to country by doing something productive such as investing in education. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has improved home properties, business properties, and yes educational institution properties as well. There are many construction companies but not many have the same history and intentions as Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. Today, Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. is based in New York. As mentioned, we've satisfied numbers of clients throughout the East coast of America, and we plan to continue helping New York more each time for many more years.

A percentage of Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.'s profit goes to the medical field such as to fights for a cure to Cancer/HIV and/or other charities. This company likes to support the healthcare field. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. donates and loves to donate anonymously to help those in more need.  We appreciate your business. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. tries to fund / grant / make donations to give additional support to different organizations

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