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2023-9-4 2:8:10
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717-954-7383 /  (877-411-3829)
   We are a Pennsylvania/New York professional construction company which is fully licensed and insured. Since 1989. We travel anywhere in the state of PA/NY. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. (OPP) specializes in all types of remodeling, renovations and new construction projects. Our construction workers has been in the construction field for over 20 years. We understand the needs for well construction. Allow us to make your property better with the way we follow Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey state laws, building codes, and your terms. We service primarily Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the five boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We have home appliances, construction tools, power tools, a/c's, mattresses, and more. Fast delivery. Call to set up an appointment.

   General Home Improvement Contractors 
Licensed and insured. 
Customer service satisfaction guaranteed.   

            We offer a customer service satisfaction guarantee policy and if you aren't satisfied 100% you could get a full 100% money back refund because we are confident that we will do the job right. We are fully licensed. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. is listed in the New York Government database for Home Improvement contractors. Our rates are affordable to continue to make our clients happy and keep them happy for many more years to come. 


 We also offer professional notary services, mobile, 24 hours a day. 




Free estimates. Call Now: 1-717-954-7383