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 We use Whatsapp group (#: +1 (809) 774-8076 & +1 (929) 332-8551) to keep our partners/team informed, if you're a staff/employee/partner and have not been added yet please contact your supervisor/president. Thank you. 

Usamos el grupo de Whatsapp (#: +1 (809) 774-8076 & +1 (929) 332-8551) para mantener informados a nuestros socios/equipo, si usted es un miembro del personal/empleado/socio y aún no ha sido agregado, por favor comuníquese con su supervisor/presidente. Gracias.

Latest updates check our social media platforms, 
Please remember to sign in on the attendance sheets and or any other sheet visible at your site.
If you have any suggestions, email us directly or contact your supervisor.
Check your company emails for updates as well.
Please let us know any concerns or questions you may have.
Safety is very important to us. 
Olivos Property Perfection (OPP) Policies:
opp1.dao.0001a, please click here or log in to view more. 
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. Drug-Free Policy:
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has the right to conduct random drug tests 
to strengthen the safety of others. If you feel that an Olivos Property Perfection, 
Inc. representative is under any type of influence, please contact us.
Your call would be kept anonymous.

   Employee (self service) Log In: 



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Please note: unauthorized access to any account which is not yours can 
result in serious penalties. Please do not hack into any accounts which is 
not yours. Only log in to your account with your name and your passwords. 
It would not be permitted to allow any other user to access any other persons account. 

It is forbidden to enters someone account that is not yours. If a username was not created by you, 

it is not your username. If you enter an account with a username that is not yours, 

there would be serious hacking penalties and the police would be involved. 

Please respect each other and respect others privacies. 

Also note that no clients information is listed on any of the websites pages. 

All clients information is stored in a more private database separate from the internet. 

We value our clients information and privacy very much. The information after being granted permission, 

only if you are the user that created the username, would be your employee records. Thank you. 

Your entry is being recorded after any log in. 

 For memos you can check our library of documents in the portal for instance for:
memo of 02/08/2016, please click here.
*contact us for updated discounts for employees

If you have any concerns, please contact us at 1-877-411-3829.
Thank you.
Certificates that Olivos Property Perfection have issued by Certificate #:
    • Certificate #: 050920179047 to see an official copy, please log through your Employee Log In Page.
    • Certificate #: 081620099047 to see an official copy, please log through your Employee Log In Page.
    • Certificate #: 071620089047 to see an official copy, please log through your Employee Log In Page.
For information regarding certificates and coupons, please contact us.



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