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           We are a New York/Pennsylvania professional construction company which is fully licensed and insured. Since 1989. We travel anywhere in the state of New York of Pennsylvania. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. specializes in all types of remodeling, renovations and new construction projects. Our construction workers has been in the construction field for over 20 years. We understand the needs for well construction. Allow us to make your property better with the way we follow New York and New Jersey state laws, building codes, and your terms. We service primarily the five boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 

  • General Home Improvement Contractors - New York/PA State.
  • Licensed and insured. 
  • Customer service satisfaction guaranteed. 

              We offer a customer service satisfaction guarantee policy and if you aren't satisfied 100% you could get a full 100% money back refund because we are confident that we will do the job right. We are fully licensed. Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. is listed in the New York Government database for Home Improvement contractors. Our rates are affordable to continue to make our clients happy and keep them happy for many more years to come.


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Business information about Olivos Property Perfection, Inc:

Licensed Home Improvement Contractor.

(HIC) Home Improvement Contractors License


           New York City's Home Improvement Business Law defines a contractor as a person and or business who "owns, operates, maintains, conducts, controls or transacts a home improvement business" and "undertakes or offers to undertake or agrees to perform any home improvement or solicits any contract therefor," whether or not the contractor is a prime contractor or subcontractor. Therefore, if you want to get a person and or a business to repair, remodel, renovate, build, clean, conduct installations and or removals or any kind of construction work and that person charges a fee then that contractor should have a (HIC) Home Improvement Contractors License.

New York law requires that any person or business that solicits, canvasses, sells, performs, or obtains home improvement work where all costs (including labor, materials, etc.) come to more than $200 total must have an (HIC) Home Improvement Contractors License which is issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

A license is not a guarantee that the contractor will do a perfect job, however, it increases the chance that the contractor will. Please do not take any risks with your property as it may be your biggest investment of your life. Be as careful as you can when hiring a contractor.

In order to receive a (HIC) Home Improvement Contractors license, one must pass a series of test which include a criminal background check and a written examination by the New York state. 

According to the New York State Laws:




20-385 Legislative declaration. It is the purpose of the city
council in enacting this subchapter to safeguard and protect the homeowner against abuses and fraudulent practices by licensing persons engaged in the home improvement, remodeling and repair business.

20-386 Definitions. 1. "Persons" means an individual, firm, company, salesperson, partnership or corporation, trade group or association.

2. "Home improvement" means the construction, repair, replacement, remodeling, alteration, conversion, rehabilitation, renovation, modernization, improvement, or addition to any land or building, or that portion thereof which is used or designed to be used as a residence or dwelling place and shall include but not be limited to the construction, erection, replacement, or improvement of driveways, swimming pools, terraces, patios, landscaping, fences, porches, garages, fallout shelters, basements, and other improvements to structures or upon land which is adjacent to a dwelling house. "Home improvement" shall not include (i) the construction of a new home or building or work done by a contractor in compliance with a guarantee of completion of a new building project, (ii) the sale of goods or materials by a seller who neither arranges to perform nor performs directly or indirectly any work

or labor in connection with the installation of or application of the
goods or materials, (iii) residences owned by or controlled by the state
or any municipal subdivision thereof, or (iv) painting or decorating of
a building, residence, home or apartment, when not incidental or related
to home improvement work as herein defined. Without regard to the extent of affixation, "home improvement" shall also include the installation of central heating or air conditioning systems, central vacuum cleaning systems, storm windows, awnings or communication systems.

3. "Building" means any structure containing no more than four residences or dwelling units.

4. "Owner" means any homeowner, cooperative shareholder, condominium unit owner, tenant, or any other person who orders, contracts for or purchases the home improvement services of a contractor or the person entitled to the performance of the work of a contractor pursuant to a

home improvement contract.
5. "Contractor" means any person or salesperson, other than a bona
fide employee of the owner, who owns, operates, maintains, conducts, controls or transacts a home improvement business and who undertakes or offers to undertake or agrees to perform any home improvement or solicits any contract therefor, whether or not such person is licensed

or subject to the licensing requirements of this subchapter, and whether or not such person is a prime contractor or subcontractor with respect to the owner.

6. "Home improvement contract" means an agreement, whether oral or written, or contained in one or more documents, between a contractor and an owner , or contractor and a tenant, regardless of the number of residences or dwelling units contained in the building in which the tenant resides, provided said work is to be performed in, to or upon the residence or dwelling unit of such tenant, for the performance of a home improvement and includes all labor, services and materials to be furnished and performed thereunder.

7. "Licensee" means a person permitted to engage in the home improvement business under the provisions of this subchapter.

8. "Home improvement establishment" means any shop, establishment, place or premises where the home improvement business is transacted or carried on.

9. "Salesperson" means any individual who negotiates or offers to negotiate a home improvement contract with an owner, or solicits or otherwise endeavors to procure in person a home improvement contract from an owner on behalf of a contractor, or for himself or herself should the salesperson be also the contractor, whether or not such person is licensed or subject to the licensing requirements of this subchapter." Link to this information:

For more information regarding the Home Improvement Contractor license, contact Olivos Property Perfection.



Certified Fire Guard.


According to the New York State Fire Department Laws,  A fire guard (Certificate of Fitness holder) is required at sites when construction, alteration or demolition exceeds 10,000 square feet when fronting one street, or 20,000 square feet when fronting two streets, or whenever the building exceeds 75 feet in height. When the construction, alteration or demolition site is completely enclosed by a substantial fence, the area limitations shall be increased by 50 percent to therefore require one fire guard per 15,000 square feet when fronting one street, or one fire guard per 30,000 square feet when fronting two streets  (For the link to this information click here).  For more information regarding the Fire Guard certifications contact Olivos Property Perfection.




Certified AED/CPR.

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. employees are also trained to properly conduct AED/CPR because we are Healthcare Providers BLS to make our sites even more safer. For more information regarding AED/CPR certifications, contact Olivos Property Perfection.




Licensed Security Guards.


Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has licensed security guards to make the construction sites even more safer. The clients/customers property are always valuable to us therefore we make every effort decrease the chances of burglaries, robberies, thief and or crime in general on the construction property. For more information regarding Security Guard licenses, contact Olivos Property Perfection.



Fire Department for Certificate of Fitness Exam. Z50 Written FSD Hi Rise & Hotel.
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. employees has also taken examinations at the New York Fire Department to prove to have knowledge about being a New York state Fire Safety Director and this is show that we care about keeping our clients/customers properties safer.

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. Certification of Real Estate knowledge. 
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. also has employees that has real estate knowledge to better assist our clients/customers with construction property services as well. 
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. OSHA Knowledge (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 
Home Improvement Salesperson License.

Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. has a Home Improvement Salesperson license from the Department of Consumer-Affairs to better ease clients/customers for construction services. 


For more information regarding Olivos Property Perfection, Inc. business information please contact us.


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3. Disability Insurance

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